Turn Ideas Into Page-Turners!
Get ready to tell a story with high-impact strategies that build plots and crafts characters in your unique voice.
Julie Tyler, Ph.D.

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Turn Ideas Into Page-Turners!

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About the course:

If you are a storyteller who has a flair for writing with straightforward instructions, then we’ve got some high-impact strategies so you could master this art in less than 30 days. Course instructor Julie Tyler  has created these sessions for you with finesse as they are based on several international workshops, webinars, and coaching sessions of her own with writers from all over the world.

About the course instructor:

Julie Tyler, Ph.D., is a passionate storyteller and committed to helping the global community of writers. After completing a doctorate in literature and succeeding as an author, she founded her company, StoryBold, to empower writers at every skill level. Julie specializes in helping writers answer their soul’s calling to find their voice, write their stories, and share them with the world. She wants every writer to understand how stories work, what they’re made of, and why humankind can’t survive without them. She is a pioneer in the world of literature.

Straight from the instructor:

“Inside, you will discover how to create characters that feel as human as we do; how to construct a plot that keeps readers turning pages; how to cultivate a voice that is the most authentic expression of who you are; and how to write riveting scenes. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned writer, thinking of starting a story project or well into a book-length masterpiece, this course will take your writing to the next level.”

Who is this for?

  • Anyone who wants to share their life story or knowledge on a particular topic
  • Anyone who wants to give a direction to their thoughts and ideas around a story
  • Anyone who aspires to share the essence of of a meaningful story with the world
  • Anyone who aims to enhance their dialogue and plot building skills in their own style

What will you learn?

  • Craft and write impactful stories that make a difference
  • Construct meaningful and well-directed plots that keeps readers engaged
  • Capture the skill to write an enthralling story around your own experiences
  • Create sentiments-infused characters that feel like real people to the readers
  • Construct tools for building healthy thoughts, emotions, and habits for writing

Writing made easier with Pencil Masterclass

With Julie, readers of today and tomorrow will hear your message and your truth will stay alive for generations to come. In no time, you will be structuring your ideas and building a cohesive, sweeping story that takes readers on an amazing journey.


  • 16 instructive videos with easy-to-follow visual aids
  • Short and sweet step-by-step understanding of concepts
  • Info-graphics to understand the functions of story-writing
  • Life-time access to content available on this course

5-star testimonials:

Christine Hajdic, “Julie’s courses are so engaging and informative, and invigorate my desire to pursue my new career as a writer! She puts together a fantastic visual presentation, and her verbal delivery is full of the enthusiasm and passion she has for writing!”

Dixie Ann Black, “Julie’s learning experiences not only dispelled a serious case of writer’s block, but also inspired new scenes with clear techniques that will serve to craft any story! … They opened up a world of possibilities … and unlocked in me the limitless depth of my characters! I was so inspired, I stayed up half the night using the techniques she taught me!”

Julianne Noel, “Julie has an amazing gifting for facilitating productive and fun learning experiences. Whenever you sign up, you come out better for it. Her generosity of knowledge and genuine care for writers makes an impact beyond measure. By participating, I have been able to find focus and feel empowered during the writing process! Thanks to Julie for her outstanding leadership!”