The Art of Creative Writing: Eternal Lessons from the Past
Time-travel to the origin of creativity and its practices to discover the author in you.

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The Art of Creative Writing: Eternal Lessons from the Past

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About the course:

If you are curious about how an ancient poem and creative writing helped Einstein in one of history’s greatest scientific discoveries, you are in it for a treat! This course entails and explores the different notions of creativity and practices used by some of history’s best-known names. If you’re a beginner or a seasoned author, this course will help you sharpen your perspectives on creative writing. This class embraces a creative approach and introduces you to unique ideas.


About the course instructor:

Your teacher for this course, Tzvetelina Ignatova, is a fascinating blend of a wide variety of interests and disciplines. Her ability to integrate knowledge, inspiration and methods from different aspects of life comes from her work diversity. Tzvetelina is a curator of language, fighting for the clarity of communication. She calls herself a defendant over the tyranny of linguistic mediocrity. Over the last year, she has been working on the Philosophy of Creativity in the world-renowned University of St. Andrews. She has worked on several topics around creativity and its significance in any field of learning.


Who is this for?

  • Anyone who wants to be a writer but lacks ideas and inspiration
  • Anyone who wishes to understand the role of imagination in creativity
  • Anyone who aspires to enhance their creative flair while writing
  • Anyone interested in strengthening their writing skills & practices
  • Anyone aiming to develop their literary perspectives via imagination


What will you learn?

  • Evolution and practices of creativity within the language
  • Learn creative practices of renowned historical figures
  • How to use creativity & imagination to produce great work
  • Practice how to use structure & point-of-view like artists
  • Understand the relationship between science and poetry


Writing made easier with Pencil Masterclass

This course invites you to plunge into the creative mystery with a hint of historical awareness. From the artistic viewpoint of Diego Velazquez to the architectural perspective of Plato, you’ll learn everything about the creative organization of thoughts! Furthermore, you will learn how to use these perspectives in your work to enhance your creative writing.


  • Insightful 7 short videos for enhanced learning
  • Interactive sessions for better understanding & engagement
  • Info-graphics for an in-depth understanding of creativity
  • A practice assignment for an effective learning experience
  • Constructive feedback to further hone your skills
  • Lifetime access to content available on this course