Poetry Book Publishing From Scratch
A self-paced guided course to publish your dreams

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Poetry Book Publishing From Scratch

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About the course:

Ever dreamt of being a best-selling author? Great! This step-by-step guided course is going to help you understand the nuances of writing a manuscript and self-publishing it with a launch strategy to get ahead of others in the journey of becoming an author. With proven techniques and strategies, this course will give you the knowledge to write a literary masterpiece.


About the course instructor:

Noelle Nams is a creative communicator, TEDx organizer, and social activist who has worked with NGOs like Teach for India and Junior Achievement USA, to name a few.  At 22, she published her first novel “It’s all bcoz of you” – a college-based romance fiction. She is also a poet and her well-renowned collection series “Unconditional” became the #1 New Release on Amazon. Highly inspired by creativity, Noelle is the Founder and Editor-in-chief of Yours Truly Magazine, building a global community for creators in all fields. 



Who is this for?

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to start writing poetry
  • Anyone who wants to publish a book but doesn’t know how to
  • Anyone with a manuscript ready but does not know how to proceed


What will you learn?

  • How to write an effective and impactful theme for your book
  • How to edit and work on a manuscript professionally
  • How to overcome challenges during the publishing process
  • How to go about the complete process of book writing and publishing


Publishing a book made easier with Pencil Masterclass:

If you need a roadmap to be a successfully published author, Noelle will help you get started. The trends of the publishing industry and terms used by authors worldwide will help you stay updated and confident. With finely designed modules, you will learn how to crack the code to be the next best-selling author.



  • 5 modules with clearly defined processes of publishing
  • Short 10 mins videos to help you write & publish confidently
  • Lifetime access to content available on this course