Book Marketing 101 For Self-Published Authors
Build a strong foundation for your self-publishing career by learning the way professionals think about marketing.
Jay Sherer

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Book Marketing 101 For Self-Published Authors

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About the course:

Many self-published authors don’t have a background in marketing. And yet, marketing is one of the core skills required for self-published authors looking to build a successful writing career. This course gives you a foundational understanding of the principles upon which marketing strategies, tactics, and campaigns are built. It offers an in-depth understanding of  the 4 Ps of Marketing and how they apply specifically to self-published authors.

About the course instructor:

In 2020, Jay’s Sherer’s time travel novel TIMESLINGERS (co-written by Nathan Scheck) hit Top Seller status on Amazon. A Writer’s Digest judge commented that TIMESLINGERS was: “…one of those trailblazing pieces of work that will eventually have plenty of copycats, giving it a place in literary history.”  Jay’s second novel is a weird western titled Death of a Bounty Hunter was a semifinalist in Screencraft’s Cinematic Book Competition. Jay also founded a tech startup and ran a successful entrepreneurship program at a university in Southern California. You can hear Jay break down how to write and produce your own science fiction and fantasy stories on the Art of Storytelling – The Story Geeks YouTube channel and The Story Geeks podcast. In 2016, Jay wrote and produced (alongside co-writer and director, Ben Anklam and co-writer and co-producer, Nathan Scheck) Star Wars: Rivals.

Straight from the instructor:

I have over 20 years of experience in marketing, a degree in marketing, an MBA, and I’ve written an Amazon top-selling novel. I understand how confusing marketing can get! I’ve intentionally designed this course in a way that allows you to get a lot of information quickly. Just about every lecture is under 5 minutes, which means they’re easily digestible.

Who is this for?

  • Authors with no background in business or marketing
  • Self-published authors who wish to enhance their book marketing skills
  • Any writer interested in understanding how marketing applies to authors
  • Anyone wanting to learn basics of marketing in self-publishing space

What will you learn?

  • How to align contemporary marketing concepts with self-publishing
  • How to use smart strategies that are vital to the success of your book
  • How to establish yourself as a brand when your book turns into a bestseller
  • How should self-published authors use tools of marketing to boost their sales

Writing made easier with Pencil Masterclass

This course has got everything you can think of when it comes to marketing your self-published book. You are going to be in the shoes of a marketing professional who assesses their own marketing strategies to make it big! Get ready to transform your self-publishing business with this course.


  • Short-and-sweet under 5 minutes videos for faster grasping
  • Fun and engaging conversational style of sessions
  • Life-time access to content available on this course

5-star testimonials:

“This course was definitely worth it! Jay is a great teacher, clear, precise, and never boring. He created a wonderful customer experience for me. Even if I was already aware of many of the issues mentioned, I still learned a lot about the essence and the features of marketing. Plus, I now feel more confident that I am about to follow a good track as CEO of my self-published books company.”

– Felicitas Knaupp

“I’m attempting to self-publish for the first time. I was getting overwhelmed with the millions of details. I came across an ad for this lecture on Instagram and thought why not? So glad I purchased it! The information was easy to understand and well organized. It helped me to organize my game plan moving forward and made me feel more confident in my approach to self-publishing.”

– Laura Mowery